I love capturing beauty through the lens and care about both my clients and my brand. Because of this, I protect my work. All photography taken by © Christy Parent - 4 Birds Photography is owned & copyrighted by © Christy Parent - 4 Birds Photography.



The license agreement for real estate photography is individual, non-transferable and non-exclusive. It gives you limited use of the images for print, internet, and marketing for the following:

Real Estate Agents

All photos are licensed to the agent for all marketing associated with the current sale of the property for its duration in accordance with the MLS rules. The images are for the use of real estate purposes only; and are ONLY allowed usage for the life of the original listing.The images are for use by the client only and must not be reproduced, resold or redistributed for commercial purposes, personal use or for marketing (web site banners, social media such as Facebook and Instagram, print material, background images, etc…), use with another selling agent, marketing company, rental business or accommodation advertising. Please note that the photos will remain under copyright of © Christy Parent – 4 Birds Photography and usage license is granted only to the business and NOT to any third party. All services rendered are NOT for resale nor are they transferrable. Images MUST be credited whenever used as follows: Photo by: Christy Parent - 4 Birds Photography. © Christy Parent -  4 Bird’s Photography owns the rights to all of their photos/media and may use photos/media for marketing purposes at any time unless prior written agreement has been made.

The granting of this license does not imply a transfer of ownership. USA copyright laws protect the photographs. Therefore, you are under the obligation to use the photographs like any other protected material. Any representation or reproduction other than the marketing of the property photographed, complete or partially carried out without the consent of © Christy Parent - 4 Birds Photography WILL be a violation of the U.S. Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code).