Vacation Property Photography Price Sheet



0-1200 sqft: $220

1201-2500 sqft: $270

2501-4000 sqft: $320

4001+ sqft: $370+ (e-mail for quote)


Additional Guest House / Studio: $75-$150

Twilight Shoot: $150

Seasonal Refresh: $100 (Typically 3-6 photos). Ideal for properties photographed in winter that want a fresh exterior spring or summer look.

Farm & Ranch Property: Additional $75-$250 (Varies by location & facilities - email for quote)

Single home Interior Only: 30% off listed pricing

Single home Exterior Only: 50% off listed pricing

Travel outside Santa Fe city limits beyond 15 miles round trip::  $35 hr (Billed in 15 minute increments)

Cancelation Fee (same day): $75


  • 25-50+ edited images are provided for each shoot

  • 2-4 business day turn around (based on single-home properties)

  • Professional and respectful service for both your clients and their properties

  • 3+ years of experience within the vacation property & real estate industry




  • Add still shots for an additional cost

E-mail for a custom quote for your property


Up to 10 photos: $150



E-mail for a custom quote for your property



E-mail for a custom quote for your property


  • High quality and fully edited video and photos ready to showcase your property

  • Licensed by the FAA under Title 14 Part 107

  • A pre-flight checklist is always performed to ensure maximum safety

  • Videos can be both branded or unbranded depending on your needs

  • 2-4 business day turn around

  • Professional and respectful service for both your client and their properties

  • 3+ years of experience within the real estate industry

  • Prices listed above are starting points and are based on the size of the project. For a detailed quote of your property please e-mail 75



The owner or property manager should be present at the shoot to discuss the shoot and give access to the property. You are welcome to stay for the photoshoot, but we do advise your stepping out of the house or at least to the other side of the house for the time of the shoot. This is to allow the photographer freedom and ease to complete the shoot in a timely manner..

  • Travel Fee: Properties outside Santa Fe City limits beyond 15 miles are charged $35/hr in 15 minute increments.

  • Property is required to be show ready (See checklist below). Photographer reserves the right to reschedule shoot if the property is not ready to photograph. A $50 rescheduling fee will be charged if the property is not ready to be photographed.

  • Licensing Fees – clients are allowed to use marketing content for the lifetime of their ownership in the property. Upon transfer of ownership the usage rights are terminated. Any further usage would need to be negotiated with 4 Birds Photography.


Preparing the home/business prior to the scheduled shoot is paramount to ensuring that the images will look their best. Please do your best to complete all of the tasks below if possible prior to the photo shoot.

  1. Turn on all of the lights. (Please check for and replace burnt-out bulbs.)

  2. Raise all of the blinds and open all of the curtains.

  3. Wash the windows.

  4. Clean the flooring.

  5. Make the beds.

  6. De-clutter each room.

  7. Please remove the pets from the property or have them penned up during the shoot.

  8. Remove pet beds, food & water bowls, pens, etc.

  9. Remove all personal items from table tops and shelving.

  10. Clear the kitchen countertops of appliances and clutter.

  11. Clear bathroom countertops of all personal hygiene items & clutter.

  12. Clean the bathroom mirrors and shower doors as applicable.

  13. Remove all trash cans.

  14. Groom the yard.

  15. Clean the patio.

  16. Remove excess furniture from all rooms.

  17. Clear the driveway and curb of all vehicles and trash cans.

Please feel free to print off this checklist to share with your property manager!

 I love capturing beauty through the lens and care about both my clients and my brand. Because of this, I protect my work. All photography taken by © Christy Parent - 4 Birds Photography is owned & copyrighted by © Christy Parent - 4 Birds Photography.


The license agreement for vacation property photography is individual, non-transferable and non-exclusive. It gives you limited use of the images for print, internet and marketing for the following:

Vacation Property Owners

  1. All photos & media are licensed to the owner for all marketing/advertising associated with the current vacation property. Usage is permissible on all social media platforms, the properties website, 3rd party websites used to advertise the vacation property, as well as print. (a.) You may not cause or allow any Work to be reproduced more than 500,000 times in total. For example, a Work may not appear on more than 500,000 printed materials (flyers, advertisements, covers, packages, etc.). Likewise, the Work may not be incorporated in a television program, video, or other digital production if the audience is expected to be greater than 500,000 viewers, in total. Additional licenses are available for a broader audience reach. This restriction does not apply to Works that are displayed on a website, Social Media Sites, or mobile applications.

  2. The images are for marketing purposes only; and are ONLY allowed usage while the property is in possession of the owner. The images are for use by the client only and must not be reproduced, resold or redistributed for commercial purposes or personal use not associated with the property. Please note that the photos will remain under copyright of Christy Parent – 4 Birds Photography and usage license is granted only to the business and NOT to any third party. All services rendered are NOT for resale nor are they transferrable. 4 Bird’s Photography owns the rights to all of their photos/media and may use photos/media for marketing purposes at any time unless prior written agreement has been made. By paying the invoice the owner agrees to all terms & conditions. After the photo shoot Invoices are sent using PayPal, and payment is required before final edited photos are sent.

The granting of this license does not imply a transfer of ownership. USA copyright laws protect the photographs. Therefore, you are under the obligation to use the photographs like any other protected material. Any representation or reproduction other than the marketing of the property photographed, complete or partially carried out without the consent of © Christy Parent - 4 Birds Photography WILL be a violation of the U.S. Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code).